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Slow Season

To be honest, this photography thing has taken off way faster than I ever have imagined. I'm incredibly fortunate to have had so much amazing support, and I also have to credit myself for the amount of work I've put in to get it kickstarted. That being said, this month has been SLOW. I knew it was coming; it's February, the weather is unpredictable, there are no major holidays, people just got their holiday cards done, and spring pictures are around the corner.

One of the wonderful things about being slow, though, is that I get to spend tons of quality time with my family. Today we took advantage of a beautiful day and an empty schedule and headed out to explore a new park and trail in Austin that I've had my eye on to use for photo sessions.

My daughter's best friend and absolute lover of exploration.

Documentary-style photography is my absolute favorite to shoot. Capturing candid moments of children and of families that reflect their everyday selves is completely my jam, and I try to recreate this type of setting when I'm doing full sessions with clients. The lengthier session allows for us to get the smiling-for-the-camera shots, and then go beyond and get a snapshot of what life really looks like. I try to provide families enough space and opportunity to forget I'm there and just be.

Today was wonderful. Hooray for slow season.

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