I suppose the start of my photography journey isn’t uncommon.  I am the mother of two girls, and it began with them; taking monthly milestone photos, pumpkin patch pictures, images under Christmas trees, among the bluebonnets, next to stuffed rabbits.  I started carrying my camera around with me to events—birthday parties, Easter egg hunts, trick or treating—and discovered a love for capturing those moments of pure joy, love, and emotion, and the feeling I'd get when I handed over these images to a friend who I knew would get to cherish that frozen moment forever.  It just made sense to develop that passion into something more.  

As a professional, I still favor those unadulterated candid moments, so naturally my style trends toward lifestyle and documentary photography. If looking at my photos evokes emotion, if it depicts what your family feels like, if I can capture the way you look at your child and the way they look back at you, then I’ve done what I’ve aimed to do.  

I can’t wait to work with you!