Newborn Lifestyle

When I shoot a newborn session, whether it be an outdoor session or an in-home session, my main priority is to authentically capture the connection, the emotion, the look AND feel of what life is like with your new baby. My approach is to newborn sessions is a lifestyle one. My sessions are not posed, but I will lightly direct you and your family to ensure we get those meaningful authentic moments during our time together. I suggest that these take place sometime between 3 days and 4 weeks. If you want more sleepy baby photos or to really capture the newborn look, you'll want to stay more within that 2 week window, and if you want baby more alert, closer to 4 weeks plus. Of course they can happen any time after that as well, that's the beauty of the lifestyle sessions. These sessions include all family members, and can include pets as well. Extended family is welcome to join, see pricing page for that upgrade. I want these sessions to be as stress-free as possible, so I don't impose strict time limits and we can take nursing breaks etc as needed. I bring a few blankets, swaddles, etc that can be used, or we can use anything that you have that may be special to you that you want to incorporate. If you do not wish to do your session in your home, and don’t want to do it outdoors, renting a studio space or home out is always an option. Ask me when booking and I can give you some options and pricing for those rentals.

These should be booked well before the baby arrives, we will use the estimated due date and that will hold your spot around that time. Once the baby arrives, you'll reach out and we will finalize those plans. A lot of people wait until the last minute once the baby is here, but it adds so much stress on the family who is already juggling so much to figure everything out that I highly suggest setting it up a couple months before. That way you will also have time to pick outfits, go through my Welcome Guide with tips and tricks for preparing for a successful session, and handle any other preparations that need to be made.

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